Texans Trade For No. 12 Draft Pick, Selects Deshaun Watson

To football fans around the world, today is a very special day - it is April 27. A day that many future NFL prospects have been anticipating and waiting for all year as it is the first day and first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Millions of viewers watched as many questioned the draft stock of one special players. Others wondered how long it would take before any team decided on selecting him. This special player is Clemson's Deshaun Watson.

Houston dealt with the Browns to trade up in the draft in order to gain an early draft pick. With the 12th pick, they selected their next franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson after dealing Brock Osweiler to Cleveland earlier this year.

In return, the Browns received the No. 25 pick and Houston's 2018 first-rounder in the deal. Cleveland selected defensive end Myles Garrett as the first pick in the draft selection.

While there's no perfect prospect in this year's quarterback class, Watson has the best resume as he is considered one of the top NFL prospects heading into his rookie season. As the third QB selected behind the Bear's Trubisky and Chiefs' Mahomes, Watson said of teams passing him up, "You're gonna have to live with the consequences that come with it."

Averaging more carries than any quarterback in the country during his last two years at Clemson, he ended his collegiate career leading in pass completions at 67.4%, throwing for 10,163 yards, 90 touchdowns and 32 INTs, while rushing for nearly 2,000 yards. Playing under the Clemson system, he took blows and hits, and carried the ball while sacrificing his body as he left college with a 32-3 record in three seasons.

When he walks into the Texans' locker room for the first time, the level of confidence and signs of respect he will receive from veterans will be in abundance as many vets have already recognized his toughness and leadership as a player.

Leadership, command, poise, athleticism - all the traits lacking amongst the Houston Texans for years - have all been found as it comes natural in Deshaun Watson.

The main concern about Watson is his ability to adapt to a pro-style offense. It's a matter that scouts, coaches and general managers have raised their eyebrows about as he was evaluated on this at the combine, pro day and team meetings.

Speed of making reads is predicted of being one of his challenges. His ball accuracy towards the deep end and the number of interceptions is an issue he is well aware of as Watson claims to have learned from.

There have been questions raised about whether Watson is ready to start as a rookie quarterback in the NFL.

However, if the Texans were smart, the wise choice to make would be changing his running responsibilities at the NFL level. Running schemes similar to Russell Wilson and Marcus Mariota would be the recommended offensive stance as they don't want to risk Watson's long-term health by making him a rushing quarterback.

With his poise and talent to adapt quickly, it can be assured that he will develop into a franchise quarterback for Houston. In order to become a reality, Watson will definitely have to work with Texans coach Bill O'Brien to improve his mechanics, professions and high interception totals first.

The development stages will be interesting to watch as Watson endures what every rookie quarterback goes through upon entry into the league. While we wait for him to mature on the field, it is expected that veterans in the league will gravitate towards his leadership and toughness on the field and in the locker room.

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