America: A Nation In Distress - An Outcry Calling For A Day Of Distress

As many citizens are unaware, it is often assumed that active duty service members and military veterans often support the policies and regulations of the White House administration.

Never assume as this is not always the case.

On the first day of May, veterans across the nation will send a distress call for our nation. The official military signal of distress is the American flag being flown upside down. This day is being coined "Day of Distress," a national digital campaign led by military veterans.

These veterans are asking two simple tasks of everyone:

1) Change your profiles to reflect the "Distress" that our nation is facing

2) Use the hashtag #DayOfDistress while tagging your elected officials, holding them accountable for the current turmoil plaguing our country.

For those who may question this campaign, the truth of the matter is that flying the American flag upside down is not disrespectful in any shape or form. It is entirely a time-honored signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property recognized in the Flag Code.

Many activists including retired veterans are voicing their opinions via social media platforms, letters to newspapers and even magazines regarding the policies being enforced by the current White House Administration.

Having served this country for over two decades, co-star of American Grit and retired Marine veteran Gunnery Sergeant Tee Hanible sat down and spoke with me. She mentioned in the interview, "If we were to be honest with ourselves flying the flag upside down is one of the most truthful and accurate statements of where we are as a nation that I've seen yet."

"I believe that our foreign policy is not only costing us allies but is also dragging us deeper and deeper into a quagmire of inessential conflict," said a retired Army sergeant first class.

A few weeks ago, the United States released 59 missiles into Syria with the Mother of All Bombs being released in Afghanistan just days later. The outcry across the nation is that the Commander-in-Chief has an army at his disposal and appears to be in search of ways to become a foreign policy president.

Resulting in a major concern across the nation, citizens are not standing by as the leaders of this nation endangers our country with wasteful and reckless decisions.

Tom Miner wrote in a letter to The Recorder, "The actions of the Trump Administration are placing us all, the environment, and American values in extreme danger and warrant a signal of the most dire distress."

Submitted to the Seattle Times, a retired Army LTC named Bruce Patchen wrote, "A nation whose leader mocks disabled people; brags about abusive behavior to women; is hostile towards our allies and friendly to those more adversarial to our country; and has been caught in countless lies is most certainly in distress."

For most of the citizens of America, many are easily distracted as it has become difficult for many to notice the reality that we were told didn't exist.

Such an uproar haven't been seen since the increased in deaths caused by riots, police brutality and stereotypical events. America is being held by the neck at the fate of foreign leaders.

There are well over 93 million unemployed in America. The NSA is collecting personal data to do God knows what with. The IRS is out of control. Between global warming, the war on coal and oil instead of terrorism, and the desire to eliminate religion, does this not sound like a country in dire distress? The list goes on and on...

Join veterans and citizens across the nation on May 1, 2017 as they partake in a Day of Distress.

For those who find moral conflict in flying the American flag in distress or active duty military who do not wish to fly the flag in distress, the following images below has been created as alternative images to be displayed for those who would still like to show solidarity.

For more information on this digital campaign, you may follow this veteran led event on social media:

Twitter: DayOfDistress

Facebook: @DayOfDistress

Instagram: @DayOfDistress

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