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Jaleesa Collins is a Mississippi native with a love and passion for sports and photography. From participating in sports and playing basketball, softball, and track, she has transitioned into the creative side of sports by turning to filmmaking and photography.

How did you get into photography? 

I began doing photography at the age of 6. I was very photogenic as a child. I was into cameras, editing, photography, even graphics designing. I always wanted to have photoshoots and sessions around the house with my family. As a teen, I volunteered at the local newspaper and ever since, I have shared a passion and love for photography. For as long as I can recall, I have seen the world through a lens and have accepted this as my calling ever since.


What type of photography are you into? 

I do not have a favorite. I love photography from all possible aspects and avenues of approach - wedding, portrait, commercial, product, art, food, family, and nature - you name it, I can do it. I like to remain spontaneous, diverse and well-rounded.


Why is photography important to you? 

I love watching people lives unfold in front of me as I am capturing the moment. I have dedicated my life to creating art for others and it is something that I take very seriously. I am very passionate about photography and I love what I do. I take my time to ensure every image is captured and edited to the best of my abilities. No one is perfect, but I strive to be as near perfect as I can be. 


What is your motto?

I shoot people. 



Jaleesa Jermerial Collins

Founder of Jaleesa Collins Photography